Ready to level up?

When it comes to content marketing, we're hardcore about ROI. You should be, too.



We don't just talk a big game. We build fully integrated, ROI-driven content strategies that lift brand awareness and drive lead generation. It's art. It's science. It actually works.



Short-form. Long-form. Interactive. Social. Our network of veteran writers, editors, and designers deliver magazine-quality creative that stands out from the crowd. Be better than the rest.



If you can't prove that your content's actually working, then you're wasting your money. We'll measure, manage and optimize your content's performance. Get what you pay for.


There's no black box with us. We've seen what happens when agencies create content strategies without their customers' involvement—and it's not pretty. One of 18|Orion's experienced content strategists will join your team on-site for a detailed intake session. We'll dive deep to learn about your organization's business needs and the challenges you face, from compliance to competition.


Our strategies revolve around one simple idea: how can we use great content to solve your business's needs? Once we've learned all about you, we'll build a detailed strategy roadmap that includes everything you need to do to create, measure, and manage your organization's content. From editorial calendars to social media channel plans, everything we prescribe comes with measurable KPIs so you know what's working. 


Other agencies deliver a shiny strategy package, but they don't put their content to the test. We'll deliver insights and recommendations in the form of weekly check-ins, monthly reports, and quarterly reviews. We're never satisfied with "good enough," and we don't think you should be, either. 


Know who's creating your content. Our network of writers, designers, and more have years of experience developing exceptional content for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and everything in between. Plus, you'll be able to meet and interact with your creative team. There's no middle man here. 


If you wanted cheap, you'd have gone to Craigslist. Our creatives know their stuff, and they've got the portfolios to prove it. From fashion to fintech, we've got you covered. 


Been burned before? We know how you feel. Our team offers around-the-clock support that's helpful, knowledgable, and responsive. At 18|Orion, no one says "That's not my job." We won't ever leave you hanging. 


Got spreadsheets on spreadsheets? We've got good news. We use a sophisticated, proprietary equation to give each piece of content a simple, easy-to-understand score that actually means something. Uniques, time-on-site, bounce rate, and more all get rolled into a single number that you can track from month to month. 


We'll interpret and report on your content's performance in a way that even your boss can understand. No meaningless metrics or inflated stats. Plus, we'll give you detailed, actionable recommendations with every report. Because numbers ought to actually mean something.


We're never satisfied with "good enough," and we don't want you to be, either. We continuously review, revise, and optimize your content to ensure that you're getting maximum reach and engagement. We'll provide biweekly updates, and we'll do a comprehensive review every 90 days. You'll always know how your content is performing and what we're doing to improve it.